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A little about me

Sometimes, remembering childhood and adolescence, a time when boys of my yard played football and drove the old rim off the bike, I clearly remember that I was happy to "treat" their dolls, and sometimes wounded in the fighting cats.


But the years passed and I enrolled in medical. She studied easily and with pleasure. Over time I began to understand that in the Urals, not just with the environment. High level of mortality. And when it is time specialization in College, I had no choice but to cancer treatment.

After graduating from the Chelyabinsk State Medical Academy began to accept cancer patients at City Clinical hospital No. 8, Chelyabinsk. But a lot of experience gained in the clinic of the Chelyabinsk regional oncologic dispensary. Here got practice first small surgery and then treatments. 

I always brought great pleasure to observe the healing of cancer patients. See their eyes begin to radiate joy.

This is probably my quality noticed the surrounding and in 2003 I was entrusted to head the third radiology Department.

Not to say that I suffered from the syndrome of "excellent student", but I've always wanted to get to the causes of disease and to learn more about modern methods of treatment. Therefore, probably, and became an assistant in the Department of Oncology and radiology, the Ural state medical Academy. There he defended his candidate's dissertation on "Chemoradiation treatment for advanced forms of cervical cancer in young women".

Autumn 2013, I met in Moscow. I was entrusted to head the Department of external beam radiotherapy of Russian research center of roentgenology and radiology.

Working here is much more interesting. Because here introduced the latest global technology for the treatment of cancer. Here share their experience with such luminaries of medicine, as Director of RNTSRR – doctor of medical Sciences, corresponding member of RAS, Professor, honored doctor of the Russian Federation SOLODKY V. A., Professor Panshin G. A., Professor Titova V. A., Professor Pavlov A. Yu.

In may 2015, at the meeting of the dissertation Council at the fsbi "Russian scientific center of roentgenology and radiology", Russian Ministry of health defended my doctoral thesis "Clinical and experimental substantiation of increase of efficiency of combined photon-neutron therapy of tumors of the head and neck".

What have I achieved? 

Owns all modern methods of radiation therapy: conventional radiation therapy, conformal radiation therapy, IGRT, IMRT - techniques, stereotactic radiosurgery by Cyber knife, brachytherapy (gynecology and General radiology). In my practice of working with patients using all forms of radiation: photon therapy, neutron therapy, accelerated electrons of different energies, rentgenoterapii different methods radiomodification: hyperthermia, chemical radiosensibility, non-traditional fractionation of radiation dose.

During the work as head of radiology Department I was embedded a number of modern methods of complex treatment of cancer patients:

  • The neoadjuvant chemotherapy in the outpatient setting.
  • Holding radiomodifiers chemotherapy on an outpatient basis.
  • Organ-saving treatment for patients with epidermoid cancer of the anal canal.
  • Photodynamic therapy in combined treatment of cancer of the lips, skin and eyelids.

Developed and implemented in the Department:

  • New standard radiation treatment of prostate cancer - standards of the comprehensive treatment of breast cancer.
  • Standards of combined treatment of rectal cancer.
  • New standards of pre-treatment topographic preparation, taking into account: the linear dimensions of the target area, volume of the lesion, shape, location, syntopia normal, critical structures of the body, the designation of these indicators in the quantitative values for patients receiving neutron therapy.

Jointly Ural scientific-practical center of radiation medicine Federal medical-biological Agency of Russia initiated in 2010 and carried out a second biological experiment to study aubé neutron radiation on the substrates of stem cells in vivo.

I have received 5 patents, 2 innovations. 

Together with the Department "automation of mechanical Assembly production of South Ural state University initiated and completed research work on introduction in practice of work of the Cabinet orthovoltage radiation therapy new personal protective applicators from x-ray radiation increases the quality of radiation treatment in cancer patients on the basis of the material "pentoplast".

Participated in the work on the monograph of RAMS "Ural center of neutron therapy. The results of the work. Prospects of development".

Participated in the work on educational – methodical manual for students of the "Photon - neutron therapy of malignant tumors"

Are a member of FATF (Russian Association of Therapeutic Radiation Oncology) since 1996.

Interned abroad:

  • Sunnyvale, CA, USA (stage I learning SRT on the basis of the training center equipment manufacturer "Accura" ink).
  • Munich, Germany (II stage of study SRT Clinic, Grishaber). 
  • Lille, France (stage III SRT training on the basis of the center Oscar Lambret)
  • Mannheim, Germany (development of a technique conformal radiation therapy, IMRT).
  • Freiburg, Germany (Clinic for Radiotherapy at the University Clinic of Freiburg).

Generally I like to do science. To date I have published more than 70 abstracts, more than 30 scientific articles in licensed journals. Over the past 3 years made more than 20 presentations at meetings of the scientific society of oncologists and Oncology conferences.


The film is about Professor Elena Kandakova.

Now she heads the Department of external beam radiotherapy fsbi "RUSSIAN SCIENTIFIC CENTER of roentgenology and radiology".